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First off, I'd like to thank my admirers for the amazing reviews and the good feedback. Due to preference for discretion, I decided not to include the " juicy details." Please enquire personally to view my detailed reviews. Thank you for your understanding.

As a courtesan, I pride myself on maintaining an excellent reputation. Here's a foretaste of my recommendations.

A new level of Excellence by tywinson

" I break down my experiences into 3 categories, 1 - wish I had that hour back, 2- that was fun, I'd see her again and 3- Rearrange your schedule and rob a bank if necessary. Thank goodness for Eva Pearl, who has redefined the level of excellence against which other encounters shall be measured. It took 4 trips and nearly 18 months for me to finally meet Eva and the wait only heightened the experience.
A truly charming, sensual, confident and utterly gorgeous individual with a body that defies reason and logic. She greeted me in a little dress (at my request) and I could barely contain myself for the next 90 minutes (absolutely no way an hour is enough) as we got to know each other more intimately. Her oral skills were sublime and she genuinely seemed to enjoy herself, not rushing to any sort of resolution regardless of whether she was giving or receiving. Thanks Eva, I hope you return before too long.

Eva Pearl by Magician

" Eva when you asked me what I was looking for when I booked my visit, you replied I would be a very happy Magician when I left, well my very sweet Eva you exceeded all my expectations and more, I hope I have the privilege of your very sexy and I must say pleasant company in the future, you are definitely the exotic mystical beauty I hoped you would be. In looking back I wished I had booked more time, I will know better for the future. "

Amazing Ebony treat by Freddyx
" Not only is Eva an exquisitely beautiful, incredibly sexy, ebony lady, with amazing skills in the art of lovemaking, she is one of the nicest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! Overall, an 11+ out of 10. Already an addict, Freddyx "

Definitely a Gem by Bman2u
" Gents, Eva Pearl is a Gem you do not want to miss. (no pun intended). She is from Montreal and has visited Ottawa a few times. Went to meet her today and I must say that she is a fabulous lady and i'll definitely be back....looks, attitude, smile, enthusiasm, she is soooo Hot! Definitely a Victoria's Secret Model type....beautiful face, body, sense of humour, beautiful lingerie, manicured nails, everything, she is the total package if you are looking for a truely amazing GF experience. I met her at the door and I was Wowed! I'm not going to get into details, but suffice it to say that she is a very beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic, fun and hot lady. We really enjoyed our session. She will make you feel weak at the knees and the experience getting there is incredible. "

Eva Pearl by Overdone
" Eva is a very sexy woman, in every sense. From head to toe this lady has it going on. She's a thin, petite little thing with a bum that is so squeezable. Her small waist and that ass, then there's her perfect natural breasts, fantastic nipples. Eva has a very pretty face, full soft lips. Nice long hair. Her sexy eyes and warm smile draw you in. She's also an absolute sweetheart, it's impossible not to like this woman. She really is quite attractive, very yummy. I don't think I could get enough of this gorgeous young woman. She also has an accent that is so sexy, that alone makes you want to devour her, she really is quite delicious... "

Eva Pearl A review by Riverbound
" I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Eva it was one of the best hours of my life. The door slowly opened and what I observed was one of the most beautiful full smiles I have ever witnessed. After that sweet greeting, I stood there mesmerised by a gorgeous woman that I was sure I would have trouble pleasing (remember, pushing 50). There is beauty and then there is Eva! She had me at ease from start to finish... "

Eva Pearl by Ottawa 69er                                                                                             " Everything that has been written about Eva is true but in a way does not do her justice. I guess it is because words are not good enough to describe her great personality and the incredible experience(s) she provides.
Everything she did felt "real" (and at the same time "unreal" because it was too god to be true).
I can't wait to see and please her again. Merci Eva, tu es une déesse! "

Eva Pearl by Knocturnal                                                                                     " I fully agree with bman2u's comments, she definitely would make an incredible Victoria Secret lingerie model. Upon my arrival, Eva greeted me in her vast suite with a sweet kiss and a very sensual hug. Her pictures are outstanding but trust me...she's way hotter in person; a perfect 10!!! She made me feel right at home.
As we chatted, I couldn't help but notice her:
Amazing Body,
Sexy Eyes,
Delightful Legs,
Gorgeous breast and
Perfect BUTT!!!
Eva's looks attitude and overall services are in a class all by itself. I hope to see her again soon and repeat as often as possible. Merci Eva "

Eva Pearl by Stoner
" This Lady is absolutely amazing. She greets you at the door to, her incall dressed in a skin tight dress that shows off every curve that she has and there are a lot of them. She is probably the most gorgeous lady that has ever hit this town and I only hope that she will be back very soon in the new year. I am already booked for her return trip, cause she will be back."

Eva Pearl - 2 Great Experiences with this beauty!
" Gents, I'm combining 2 separate sessions with Eva into one review. Both sessions were very much alike - namely EXCELLENT!!!! First off, setting up our time and arrangements was simple and easy. Second - Eva looks just like her pics - a beautifully tight and toned body, and she wears some incredibly high-end lingerie - she's truly a sight to behold. Her skin is flawless, soft and smooth, and you just want to explore every inch of her body.

She has a very slight French accent, and there are no language barriers. She's easy to have a conversation with - I didn't feel at any time an awkwardness during our time together. She's engaged the entire time - no clock watching, no texting, no phoning, no looking off into the distance to some other 'happy place'. She's with you - in the moment - and 100% locked into making sure you have a great time. How cool is that! THAT is why I love this hobby -- the search for this type of woman... "

Eva Pearl A review by Master69
" She greeted me at the door wearing a very short ivory pencil dress, tight against her skin, with her Agent Provocateur lacey black bra peeking out from the sides. A beautiful tall ebony college student, long dark hair, with sexy 5 " heels and fish net stockings! Ummm-uuummmmm! Her French accent is faint, her voice wafting from her gorgeous round face. She is casual, relaxed, intelligent, and well-educated, we talked a little bit about her home town, Montreal, the terrasses of Philemon, Place d'Armes and Hotel Nelligan on Rue Saint Paul. She is well-travelled, and will be travelling West a lot of the next few months. The Ebony Roksi! I slid her dress down to reveal the magnificent body underneath; adorned in the finest black thong, black garter, black fishnets...and that black push-up bra; she does Agent Provocateur proud! I kissed her neck greedily, God, how women love that. She has no visible tattoos, but has done something original, four dermal skin studs on her lower back, where a tramp stamp would usually go. Very imaginative...and sexy! In the bedroom she is a tigress, we made out some more.....shame to work her out of such stunning Agent Provocateur workmanship..but she has a glorious hour-glass shaped figure. And a hard body to boot... "

Eva Pearl by Bowser11
" Met her at a downtown hotel and was greeted at the door to her room by one of the most beautiful ebony women I have ever seen. She's definitely from Africa with her high cheek bones and dark skin. It is smooth and flawless. She was wearing a skin-tight short dress that hugged her perfect curves and stockings with a matching bra. Heels to match that put her almost 6'. I spent quite a while just admiring this goddess and her spectacular smile... "

Eva Pearl by Bison1977
" As far as ebony women go Eva Pearl is now my ATF. She's beautiful both on the inside and the outside. Would I repeat. OMG hell yes.  If you have a chance to see her this is her last day in town today so do yourself a favor and book a session cause you won't regret it. Two very large Thumbs up from this guy!!!..."

A true gem! by YOWboy
" I had the pleasure to spend time with Eva during one of her recent visits to Ottawa, and it was a session I will always remember. Eva is a knock-out, with a fit body, great breasts and ass to die for! She is also funny and intelligent, so having a conversation with her is like talking to a friend you haven't seen in a while. And when its time to get to the action, I will say what I said many times during our meeting - Oh My God!!!! She is great at what she does, and she enjoyed herself as much as I did!!! I will definitely repeat.... again and again. "


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